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Korean pencils in Sweden? 1

Another Hairy Bikers blog post. When they were visiting Sweden in their latest series 2.3 million viewers saw David Myers using an “Office Pencil” that looks suspiciously familiar to the Dong-A Office Pencil.

David Myers using the office pencil (Image © BBC)

David Myers using the office pencil (Image © BBC)

As a comparison, here’s the Dong-A Office Pencil. The problem is: they don’t look identical, just similar – so I assume this is a slightly different pencil. The company logo seems different and the ferrule has another colour.

Dong-A Office Pencil (Image © Dong-A)

Dong-A Office Pencil (Image © Dong-A)

I wonder whether any Swedish reader (I seem to get about 30 a month) can tell me which “office pencil” labelled pencil is common in Sweden.

I have been using Dong-A pencils for many years and like them. It’s a shame they are not easily available in the West …or are they available in Sweden?

Dong-A Fable pencils

Dong-A Fable pencils

The screenshots in this blog post has been taken from Episode Six of The Hairy Bikers’ Northern Exposure. I believe that the use of the screenshot shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

30 kg of Pencils 1

I’d like an eraser, two notepads and 30 kg of pencils, please.

Also: notice the price difference between the first item, a dozen Ticonderogas for £2.69, and the third item, the same product for £19.99.

Startlingly expensive. Yes, I think if I were to tell you how much more expensive it was it would be fair to say that you would be startled.1

(By the way, that’s 643.123% more expensive2.)

PS: Find out more..

  1. Freely adapted from Chapter 27 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams, 1987. []
  2. Said Wolfram. []

Ninety-Nine 7

Well, who would have thought that Apple will one day make a pencil case. As far as I can tell their £29 pencil case was released earlier this month. Before you start wondering how you can use it for your pen collection: It can only hold one pen – the £99 Apple pencil.

Time to turn this into a ‘lucky bag’ blog post1. In the UK the Apple pencil is £99, in the USA it’s $99, so let’s stay with the theme of 99 and look at how to say2 this number in different languages:

90 9 (English)

9+90 (German)

9 10 9 (Mandarin, Japanese, Korean)

4 20 10 9 (French)

10 100 1 10 (Roman Numerals)


  1. An expression I got from Gunther and like. []
  2. or how to write it, in the case of Roman Numerals []