Kaco Alpha gel pens

A few years ago I bought Kaco’s Alpha gel pens in Shanghai [1]Shanghai is also the city where Kaco is based. The Alpha pens are part of Kaco’s KacoGreen range.

When I asked an employee from a Kaco stall they told me that ‘green’ refers to the fact that the plastic from these pens can be recycled [2]It is rather cheeky to name something ‘green’ because it can be recycled, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the employee just made it up. Green might not mean anything here..

The pens feature a pleasant to touch rubberised grip section and there’s one of each letter and number. The letters, where most pens have the clip, prevent the pens from rolling off the table. The gel ink is black.

As I am currently clearing out I am selling these on eBay for 99p each. Figuring out postage to all countries is messy, but if you are interested and are not in the UK please contact me and I can look into what the cheapest postage is.

Below are two more videos: a funny video I found about the Kaco Alpha…

..and a video I made about some other Kaco products.


1Shanghai is also the city where Kaco is based
2It is rather cheeky to name something ‘green’ because it can be recycled, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the employee just made it up. Green might not mean anything here.

Blinkenlights 4

While looking through The Pen Company‘s products last week I came across a slightly unusual pen from Scheinder: the Base Senso. The description read ‘This rollerball can sense when too much pressure is being applied, and will warn by illuminating the light at the end of the pen‘. How curious.

Schneider Base Senso

Easger to find out more I went to Schneider’s web site which provided some further information: The pen ‘indicates when too much writing pressure is exerted and teaches how to judge the right pressure for fluid writing. Ideal for beginners and for people with motor difficulties‘.

Image © Schneider

There’s even a seal that implies this pen has been developed together with a a joint expert.

An interesting idea. I’m just imagining a classroom full of children with blinking pens…

Sean Malone 1

Pencil Talk already mentioned this yesterday: Sean Malone has passed away. Like Stephen, the Pencil Talk editor, I was very sad to hear the news. Sean was the brilliant mind behind Pencils and Music, a now offline blog he started around 2010, as well as the amazing  Blackwing Pages and Contrapuntalism blogs.

He was an accomplished musician, as you will see if you search for him on the Internet. He was not only a real life rock star, he was also a rock star in our stationery fandom niche. He even met Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell and Eberhard Faber IV.

Sean, we miss you!

Sean Malone

1,000 subscribers 2

Compared to this blog, which is more than ten years old, my YouTube channel is quite young – just a bit more than five years old. The number of popular videos is fairly small. They are usually watched by non-subscribers and somehow these popular videos seem to be the ones without much substance, while the more in-depth videos don’t tend to be popular overall, but are popular with subscribers. This is a surprise to me, even though maybe it shouldn’t be.

Today, I was quite surprised when, within a short period of time, the number of subscribers jumped by more than 50 to 1,000. Thanks for that to all my viewers and subscribers.

Also thanks to Sean of Contrapuntalism fame. Some of the videos feature a beautiful intro music that Sean made for me.