For the housewife

Pencil Fodder’s post about Faber-Castell’s M grade pencil reminded me of this adhesive notepad board I bought quite a few years ago.

I didn’t remember what pencil came with it and was wondering if it might have been an M grade pencil …so I dug it out, but unfortunately it didn’t come with the elusive M grade pencil.

Clearly aimed at housewives, the text reads: “Remember” and “For the housewife”, I am sure you wouldn’t see anything like this being released these days from the big stationery companies.

It’s nice to see that refills were available at the time.

The perforation in the middle of the pages is a great idea, as you might not always need a whole page. Reminds me of kitchen paper towels I have seen in China and Germany, but not in the UK, that have a perforation in the middle – in case you don’t need a whole sheet

5 thoughts on “For the housewife”

  1. What a great find! Thank you for showing. I also like the consistent colour scheme, especially the matching pencil. The additional perforation is nifty!

  2. By the way, the housewife on the photo seems to cheat 😉 The pad seems to be larger and the pencil she’s holding looks like a 9000.

  3. I love the idea of a perforation across the middle like that. I wish my Bloc FAF had pages like this – it would be the perfect pad to do it with. (Speaking of which, the refills for that have gotten expensive in the last few years!)

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