Alsterhaus in Hamburg

A recent family trip to Hamburg [1]which was my first ever trip to Hamburg included a trip to Alsterhaus, a posh department store that very much reminded us of Harvey Nichols in Manchester.

Excuse the wide angle distortions of the photo but because of construction work I couldn’t move further away

The Alsterhaus sells many posh brands (think Armani, Chanel, Hermes, …), but unexpectedly we also found an extensive selection of stationery brands on one of the higher floors.

Some brands, like Graf von Faber-Castell, S. T. Dupont and Caran d’Ache take up large parts of the stationery corner’s luxury corner, but pens from other brands, like Pelikan and Kaweco, are also in stock.

Despite Alsterhaus’ general focus on luxury brands you can also find affordable stationery items for office and school use.

This includes a great selection of Lamy pens.

Faber-Castell, Leuchtturm and more were also available.

Thanks to my wife I walked away with Caran d’Ache’s Nespresso pencils (more about them at Pencil Talk) and my first ever “Les crayons de la maison” pencils (more about them at Lexikaliker, who discovered that this series is not quite what it is made out to be).

Prices were comparable to what you pay for these items in other shops or online.

This set seems to be the tenth edition, created together with Mizensir, a Swiss parfume firm.

When opening the plastic wrapping you can smell the strong smell from these pencils.

At this stage it is not completely clear whether the different pencils have different smells that are indistinguishable because they were together in sealed packaging or whether the different pencils have the same smell by design.


1 which was my first ever trip to Hamburg

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese (or Lunar) New Year! Goodbye Rabbit. Welcome Dragon.

To celebrate the occasion Caran d’Ache released a special version of the 849 ballpoint pen: the DRAGON Burgundy Special Edition.

It was/is sold out in most shops until new stock arrives, but luckily I was able to buy the last 849 Dragon pen from Papeterie Berlin.

If you look at the surface against the light you can see the different layers of paint. The pen looks really beautiful.

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Paper and Pen

My first order from Papier und Stift (translation: Paper and pen) came in. This online shop’s focus is on fountain pens, but there is also a nice selection of non-fountain-pen-stationery.

The main trigger for my order were notebooks with Tomoe River paper, but I couldn’t resist adding a few other small items. I also ordered their ‘magazine’ for €1, which is more of a catalogue than a magazine and features a selection of nice stationery they sell.

The ‘magazine’ reminds me to some extent of a catalogue I got from Carta Pura many years ago.

I scanned my 2010 Carta Pura catalogue recently and hope the company doesn’t mind me sharing it here. I will of course remove it if requested. Your browser should display the pdf below.
In case you wonder: I was very happy with my order and the delivery times.

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