This is a blog about pencils and other stationery.


Pencils and other stationery are an enjoyable hobby. I do not work in the pencil industry and do not earn money with my blog, so all opinions expressed in this blog should be seen as non-professional, amateur content.

Good and bad practice

I try to have the best of the reader of this blog in mind when I write blog posts, but out of convenience I do also give in to short cuts. An example is my use of Google Analytics to get statistics of the users of this blog. This means that Google will try to identify the reader for their own purposes. My social media buttons create a similar situation, with Facebook, Twitter, etc trying to identify the reader for their own purpose. In this context Lexikaliker is an examplary site, doing everything rightI do wrong. On a positive note: my site does not display any advertising and is not hosted by WordPress. Hosting is paid for by myself, so some other possible sources of visitor tracking are eliminated.

I have been offered money to write blog posts that link to companies. So far I have always rejected these offers, but there have been guest blog posts, written by others, some of them do include links to commercial web sites. I have not received any money and these blog posts have been marked as such.

When I link to other sites like Amazon and eBay I sometimes use affiliate links. The aim was to try out how this works, as this is useful knowledge for other parts of my life. Trying out Google analytics here also turned out to be useful for me. These links would have been part of the bog posts in any case, because I usually link to where I bought an item from.

Some more information about me:

  • I am originally from Germany, but moved to the UK in 2001.
  • I try to avoid using ballpoint pens whenever I can.
  • Pencils are great, but I also like fountain pens (My favourite fountain pen brand: Pelikan).

This blog is hosted in Germany. The Telemediengesetz (TMG) requires that German websites must have an Impressum disclosing information about the publisher, so here it is:


Dr. Matthias Meckel
2A Danesway
United Kingdom

Blog: bleistift.blog

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E-Mail: m.meckel@gmail.com