Sliding Sleeve Pencils

A list of mechanical pencils featuring a sliding sleeve and the force needed to slide the sleeve.

0.01 NPentel Orenz 0.2Also available in 0.3
Peanuts version
0.05 NStaedtler Microfix 0.5Not in production anymore
Was available from 1977 - 1988
0.05 NKuru Toga Pipe SlideReview
0.10 NPentel Orenz 0.5Review
0.15 NPentel Orenz 0.3Review
0.2 NPilot Super Grip 0.5
0.5 NM&G m9Has a cone, not a sleeve
0.65 NPilot Color Eno 0.7Made for coloured leads
0.8 N D&S点石 DS-508Has a cone, not a sleeve
0.85 NCara d'Ache 844 Only available in 0.7
1.2 NRotring rapid PRO 0.5Also available in 0.7 and 2mm
How to modify the sleeve

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