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Lovely analog stuff 2

New Street in Lancaster

It must have been at least ten years since I’ve last been to Lancaster. I’m glad we went today to have a look at the Lancaster Festa Italia. The city centre was full of stalls, offering Italian food, drinks and more.

analop shop

On our walk through the different streets, just after the super car section where all the Ferraris were on display, we got lucky found a little stationery store that just opened a week ago: analog shop


The shop is run by Melanie and Sherry. They were very friendly and also insisted that every customer who enters should sanitise their hands.

Melanie, one of the owners

Next to the exotic smelling hand sanitiser was even was a box with face masks, presumable for customers who would like one, but didn’t bring their own. It’s great to see that this is one of a small number of shops that cares for the safety of their customers [1]Compared to other countries with much lower infection rates there isn’t much hand sanitising and face mask wearing going on here in the UK anymore.

On display was a great selection of the kind of stationery you don’t usually find in the UK high street chains: lots of Kaweco, Lamy, Rhodia (always the nice stuff from their range of course) but also smaller brands, like ANDSONS, a leather manufacturer from Rehau in Franconia.

Find the ANDSONS…

I walked away with a new £36 ANDSONS pen roll made from felt and leather.

The shop keepers told me that in another week the selection of stationery on offer will have grown even further.

ANDSONS pen roll

I’m not sure when I’ll get to go to Lancaster again, but I’ll make sure I’ll visit analog shop again.

ANDSONS pen roll


1Compared to other countries with much lower infection rates there isn’t much hand sanitising and face mask wearing going on here in the UK anymore

Beyond a pen 1

Extracting Ink, Photo by: Sirena Nieminen

By chance I came across a rather unusual student project from Finland’s Aalto Univeristy. It is called Beyond a pen and looks at mass produced pens, their stories and more.

Find out more on the Beyond a pen page of the Contemporary Design pages.

The image has been taken from the Beyond a pen page. I believe that the use of this image falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

A Danish Noris

The Staedtler Noris can regularly be seen in news reports here in the UK (stock footage of school kids often include scenes of children writing with a Noris because of its popularity in schools) …so normally a Noris in the news (BBC or otherwise) wouldn’t be worth mentioning. Today is different though: because of a football (soccer) game between England and Denmark this evening the BBC News at Six viewers got a rare glimpse of what is going on on the streets in Copenhagen.

A fan writing well wishes on a wall – for a Danish football player who fell ill in a recent match (Image © BBC News)

Unlike here in the UK, where the ‘normal’ hexagonal Staedtler Noris is most popular, this unrepresentative sample of one from Denmark seems to suggest that the Noris Triplus Jumbo, which is not a common sight in the UK, is more common in the land of Hygge.

The screenshot has been taken from BBC News at Six on 7 July 2021. I believe that the use of this image falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

The Lamy exact – older than the Lamy 2000

Unfortunately work didn’t leave me much spare time so I didn’t get round to finishing the Cento3 graphene pencil blog post yet, but with the previous blog post here being four weeks old I thought it’s time for a quick ‘Bleistift is still alive’ post.

Today I want to show you a fifty year old advert for the Lamy exact and some other Lamy pens, including the Lamy 2000. At the time the Lamy 2000 was about five years old.

This advert is currently being sold on eBay and is listed as being from 1971.

I have translated the text for you:

You may be able to afford illegible handwriting, but not an unclean one.
Leave the cleanliness of your handwriting to LAMY exact. The ballpoint pen with the perfect technology and functional design.
Its large capacity refill with a stainless steel tip guarantees a problem-free 10,000 m writing line. With a single
refill you will write evenly and cleanly for at least a year.
Every time you click this refill ready for writing, it turns by 120 degrees. Like this it cannot be worn down on one side only, cannot blot, cannot smudge. Additionally, the ‘signal marker’ indicates whether the refill is extended.
In short, any advantage that is imaginable for a ballpoint pen – the LAMY exact has it. For an always clean and
exact handwriting.
You can find the LAMY exact range with large capacity refill in leading stationery stores.

In the price list the Lamy 2000 range is being referred to as ‘The manly range’. The more affordable Lamy design 20 range is being referred to as “The young range’.

For reference: In 1971 10 DM were equivalent to 3 US Dollars or £1.20.

According to Lamy’s history page the Lamy exact came out in 1964 and was Germany’s first ballpoint pen with a large capacity refill.

I plan to add information from this advert to’s Lamy page.