Well, who would have thought that Apple will one day make a pencil case. As far as I can tell their £29 pencil case was released earlier this month. Before you start wondering how you can use it for your pen collection: It can only hold one pen – the £99 Apple pencil.

Time to turn this into a ‘lucky bag’ blog post [1]An expression I got from Gunther and like.. In the UK the Apple pencil is £99, in the USA it’s $99, so let’s stay with the theme of 99 and look at how to say [2]or how to write it, in the case of Roman Numerals this number in different languages:

90 9 (English)

9+90 (German)

9 10 9 (Mandarin, Japanese, Korean)

4 20 10 9 (French)

10 100 1 10 (Roman Numerals)



1 An expression I got from Gunther and like.
2 or how to write it, in the case of Roman Numerals

7 thoughts on “Ninety-Nine”

  1. In Russian, 909 is 9 100 9 as well. The difference is in the word form.
    90-99 are unique because, say, 89 and 79 sound like 8 10 9 and 7 10 9 respectivelly.

  2. Thank you for this explanation.
    Do I understand this right?
    89 is 8 10 9.
    99 and 909 are both 9 100 9, but there is a small difference in the way you say 100?

  3. The difference is between 90 and 900 (without 9).
    As in English, 900 is “9 100”.
    90 is like “9 of tens until 100”. But “tens” is skipped.
    So, 90 sounds like “9 until 100”.
    80, 70,.. are pronounced as numbers of tens, but 90 has smth related to the 1st hundred. Maybe because it’s so close )

  4. AtHeaven, thank you for these details.

    Ana, I never looked into them, probably because I don’t have a product that can use the Apple Pencil. I heard about Myke’s wrap and wonder what it will look like.

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