A bestselling Noris

Certainly well deserved: when visiting a WHSmith [1]A British high street chain with a big stationery selection. store recently I noticed that their Noris pencils got a little sign, indicating that they are the bestselling pencils.

As you might know I am partial to Staedtler’s Noris, so couldn’t resist adding this to my stream of Noris blog posts. Here’s a small selection of Noris blog posts to pick and choose: A digital NorisA broken Clarks NorisA different kind of Noris in the wildNeil Gaiman’s Noris pencilsNoris & CoShaun the Sheep’s NorisUpcycling with a NorisA Noris at the CricketA Finnish Noris…A French Noris…A Franken NorisA Franconian Noris,
Noris in the wildNoris shavingsNoris of the WoodsUncle Noris, and The Noris, then and now.

By the way, since we are on the topic of Staedtler anyway: they have a nice online Mandala creator on their website. The choice of patterns from different artists is amazing. 


1 A British high street chain with a big stationery selection.

4 thoughts on “A bestselling Noris”

  1. I’m glad to see that – I’d always assumed, pessimistically, that the best sellers would be the no-name/own branded pencils sold in large packs (like the ones 3rd from left on the second row up of your first picture). I guess the Noris’ position here as the iconic school/general pencil is safe for a little while, at least!

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    I thought the same. Maybe it’s different in supermarkets, who knows, but if someone bothers to go to WHSmith for pencils they seem to be more likely to want the good stuff 8^)

  3. Goodness, this is like a candy store! Even the big office supply stores in the USA rarely have selections like this.

  4. Johnny, thank you for your comment.
    Thos three rows are all the pencils, and as you can see some crappy (mech.) pencils and coloured pencils also made their way into those three rows.
    Boris Sheikman who used to have a pencil sharpener blog (I forgot the name) once showed me pictures of a store in the USA, maybe it was Staples, that really looked like pencil wonderland.

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