Uncle Noris

As you might have guessed after reading The Noris, then and now or any of the other Seen in the wild posts: I’m always happy when I see the Staedtler Noris on somebody’s desk or in a shop (not really worth a blog post: “Did you know, my local bank is using Noris pencils”) or on telly (probably more interesting for you, so maybe worth a blog post).

Last time I spotted a Noris was in Episode 3 of Uncle.  This episode gives you the opportunity to admire the Noris in Nick Helm’s right and left hand and in his mouth (maybe the production company  shouldn’t have picked the bacon flavoured Noris).

Uncle (Image © Baby Cow Productions / BBC)
Uncle (Image © Baby Cow Productions / BBC)

I believe that the use of the screen shot of the Noris pencil, taken from episode three of the first season of the TV series Uncle falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

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