A Franken Noris

See what I did there? I used the title of the previous blog post, but changed ‘Franconia’ to the German word for Franconia: Franken.


The association is now with Frankenstein’s Monster instead of Franconia. Just a reminder, Franconia is the area in Bavaria the size of Massachusetts where most German stationery manufacturers are from [1]as well as some other famous companies like Adidas or Puma.


…and what a monster I have created. Muah hua hua. An unholy mix of parts from Staedtler and Faber-Castell.


You might remember my recent blog post about me losing my Perfect Pencil. Well, now I do have a new one – a very special one. It’s the black version of the ‘Castell 9000 Perfect Pencil’. I first read about it in a blog post from Pencil Talk in 2010. As far as I can tell this version was for sale in Japan, from 2009 onwards.


I just hope I won’t lose it again, like I lost my green one after six years. The black version is much more expensive and more difficult to get. Including shipping the pencil cost nearly £30 (¥4644 for the pencil plus¥890 shipping) (~$45; €40), I wouldn’t have spend so much, as mentioned before I stopped buying expensive stationery, but I was in the lucky position to pick a gift I wanted.


The black of this Perfect Pencil goes very well with the black of my favourite pencil, the Noris. I think I will try out the pencils that came with the Perfect Pencil before changing to Noris refills.


I still have short eraser-tipped Castell 9000 pencils as well as official Castell 9000 Perfect Pencil refills, so next time I go to Germany, probably next year, I might also get a dark green Perfect Pencil again (which is only £5 over there).


Please click (or right click new tab) to admire the Perfect Pencil’s beauty in higher resolution.

Price: June 2015, Exchange rates:  July 2015.

I’d like to thank Sola for her advice that helped me get a black Perfect Pencil.


1 as well as some other famous companies like Adidas or Puma

6 thoughts on “A Franken Noris”

  1. Wow, that black version looks even more amazing close up! I am happy to have been of assistance. Muah hua hua 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    Sola, it looks amazing, because it is so shiny, but I guess my old version must have also been shiny when it was new.
    Funny that in bad light my brain keeps telling me the perfect pencil is dark green (which did look very dark anyway), even though this one is black.
    Thanks for your assistance.

    Dries, it is! Funny thing though, the sharpener bad is a bit rusty, maybe the shop stored it wrong or the weather in Japan caused that problem.

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  4. OSF, two years ago it was very difficult to find one. I wouldn’t be surprised if I bought the last one that was available online. I assume there might be some brick and mortar shops in Japan with stock left, but probably nothing online. Who knows, maybe Faber-Castell will make other colours again in the future.

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