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IMG_1336A manly Noris

Well, I guess this is proof that the Noris is a very manly pencil, assuming that wood work is manly:

I saw this book in my local supermarket and spotted that the Noris is playing an important part.



A Hobonichi Tradition

Nice to see the Staedtler Tradition being featured in the latest Hobonichi video

You can see more at


A cineatic Noris

There also a cinema ad for the Noris, unfortunately it’s for the Noris Colour, not for the Noris graphite pencil



I also noticed that Monocle magazine, mentioned previously, has a penmanship supplement. Unfortunately there isn’t much there except a nice big photos showing a few pens, most of them expensive.


A Noris Print and Egg

Since we’ve been talking about the Noris, have a look at this Noris print from the Well -Appointed Desk

…or this Noris Easter Egg from Lexikaliker.


A graphite Pac-Man

…and for all fans of graph paper and classic video games: The original notebook sketches for Pac-Man.

2 thoughts on “Noris & Co”

  1. Thank you for showing these finds! I especially like the Noris together with wood working 🙂 And thank you for linking to my easter egg!

    By the way: Did you know that the four Noris colours come from the Nürnberg coat of arms?

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Your Easter Egg looked great. Too bad I only notices it after Easter (was quite busy, that’s why my blog was quiet).
    Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing this. I did have the association of the cap with the “Fränkische Rechen” in the past and was wondering whether that’s a coincidence. The link with the Nürnberg coat of arms is one more reason only to use the HB version.
    Speaking of the Noris: I am currently trying to find out whether there is a way of determining the wood from the weight of the pencil. According to my ‘back of an envelope’ calculations, the different types of wood should make a different in weight of up to 0.3g. Too bad that even within the same batch I sometimes have variations of up to 0.4g. I don’t give up yet, but might have too few Noris pencils for this too succeed.

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