Pencil Pot Of The Month – April 2017 2


Description: A note organiser with a pencil pot that can be folded out

Price: £1.49 ($~1.95; €1.75)

Material: Cardboard

Further information: A cardboard note organiser from Lidl UK. The pencil pot part can be folded out, so it is possible to fold it all up in a space saving way.

Price and Exchange rates: April 2017

Pencil Pot Of The Month – February 2017

Description: An empty pot of mustard

Price: I think it was £2.49 (~$3.05; €2.90). I bought it many months ago.

Material: I would call it stoneware, but I think it was advertised as ceramic

Further information: This pencil pot comes with free mustard.


Exchange rate: February 2017

Staedtler Goodness  5

Staedtler goodness at Lidl UK. Two for £3.

…and of you don’t have enough novelty erasers there’s something for you, too.

…and even more cedar wood

…after beard oil, wood hangers and coffee – this time in Lidl (in the UK):

Currently on offer: so called “Anti-Moth protectors”. Advertised as untreated cedar pieces which emit a subtle, pleasant fragrance, providing natural protection without chemicals.

ORDEX Anti-Moth protectors (Image © Lidl)

ORDEX Anti-Moth protectors (Image © Lidl)

Lidl & WHSmith 3

Possibly of interest if you are living in the UK:

Lidl is currently selling a desktop pencil sharpener for £3.49 (~ $5.50; €4.30). I don’t know whether this sharpener has rubber grips or not.

WHSmith reduced the price for some of their edding products even further and many WHSmith stores sell edding’s push-button marker for 49p (~ 77¢; 59c)


Prices and exchange rates: February 2012