Pencil pot

Pencil pot of the month – March 2023

Before the month of March is over, here’s a quick look at the pencil pot of the month – again made from concrete.

I bought it a few months ago from Etsy seller ConcreteGiftsUK for £16.99 including postage.

This “pencil pot”, in the widest sense of the word, doesn’t have as many holes for pencils as last month’s pencil pot. The front serves as a very spacious pen tray ..which is more than useful.

The long slots in the back are probably often used to hold a phone or business cards, but they can be repurposed to whatever makes sense for you. In my case I store an eraser and a bone folder in the right slot.

Pencil pot of the month – June 2020

It’s time to temporarily revive the pencil pot of the month series.

Lego pencil pot 50154

After spending five years tucked away it was high time for this Lego pencil pot to get assembled.

Lego pencil pot 50154 being assembled

I bought it at the Lego Store in Manchester in August 2015 for £10.99 (~€12.15; ~$13.50) …after unsuccessfully chasing a previous Lego pencil pot, one that I thought looked nicer, for a few weeks.

Lego pencil pot 50154 assembled

You can find previous pencil pots of the month in the pencil pot of the month archive.

Price: August 2015, exchange rates: June 2020

Pencil Pot Of The Month – August 2019

For this blog post I want to temporarily revive the Pencil Pot Of The Month series that was running for 24 months from 2015 to 2017.

Description: Set of four pencil cups

Price: UK £5, DE €3.99 (i.e. much cheaper), USA: currently not available

Material: cardboard

IKEA Lankmoj Pencil Cups

Further information: On a recent trip to IKEA I saw these sets of four pencil cups. The specialty? They have built-in magnets and can be attached together magnetically.

Prices: August 2019

Pencil Pot Of The Month – September 2017

Description: An empty tea tin.

Price: Between £5 and £10.

Material: Tin

Further information: Comes with 200g of Orange [1]Orange Pekoe is a tea grade, not a desciption of the flavour. Pekoe tea.

My wife and I got the fountain pen from Amro and I got the red pencil from Lexikaliker (many years ago). Thank you.


1 Orange Pekoe is a tea grade, not a desciption of the flavour.