Freshly inked

Freshly re-inked: My Super5 fountain pen in green (Dublin) is now part of my current pen rotation. The other two currently inked pens include the Lamy 2000 with an EF nib and the re-release of the Parker 51 in Teal with an F nib.

Fitting with the Super5‘s colour I fed it one of Kaco’s “Leaf” green cartridges.

I won’t show how the ink looks on paper as I didn’t clean the Super5 since its last use, so the ink colour I get is still a mishmash.

4 thoughts on “Freshly inked”

  1. I have one of those somewhere! I think they had a UK stockist pre-the shambles that is-Brexit. Can’t find one now. It costs ridiculous sums of money to import from Germany!

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    ID00092, they also have a matching ink! There is a new one now, the old one was from R&K:

    AMRO, This one has the M nib, but their Super5 nibs without the point are even more fun. I think they also used to be on Massdrop / Drop, but when I looked recently it seems that Drop doesn’t do stationery anymore.

  3. Massdrop/drop no longer do pens and ink – a pity because I got some hard-to-find Japanese inks from them.

    I can’t remember where I got mine from – don’t think it was Massdrop – I am sure somewhere else was a supplier – I do remember being pleasantly surprised with the quality.

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