Pencil pot of the month – February 2023

February’s pencil pot is, again, made from concrete.

I bought it on Etsy from seller COnCREtebEttY for £10, including postage. It arrived in record time.

The holes in this pen holder are ideal for pencils. I use the front of the holder to store an eraser, but haven’t found a good use for the slot in the back yet.

Currently this holder only seems to be available as a set.

3 thoughts on “Pencil pot of the month – February 2023”

  1. This pencil pot looks nice! Maybe the slot can take a ruler. Does it have a smooth surface? I once had something similar and it scratched the pencils. – Which pencil is the one on the left?

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Thanks for the idea with the ruler. My long ruler doesn’t work well in that slot, but a short ruler might work, especially if you don’t want access to what is behind the pencil pot.
    The concrete surface itself is smooth, but some corner are a bit rough.
    The pencil is a Puma-themed Kakikata pencil from Kutsuwa. Puma as in the sports brand. You can see a photo of these pencils at the bottom of the this blog post:

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