Kaco and Stálogy

If you follow my YouTube channel you might have seen my video about Kaco. Two minutes into this video I show the KacoGreen Multipen.

Since it’s made in Japan [1]Kaco is from China I assumed it was bought in and suspected that this ‘shape’ of multipen is also being used by other brands.

I have now found another pen that is presumably from the same OEM: The Stálogy multipen. The clip looks different and I assume the refills are different. The KacoGreen refills are stamped “Kaco”, so I assume Kaco is using their own refills in a bought-in body.

📚Stalogy 3+1多功能低黏度油性墨水防滑筆(0.5mm自動筆+3色) https://goo.gl/m2U23p 日本製的 Stalogy 的3+1多功能筆,集合三色筆芯以及自動鉛筆的功能於一身,原裝的三色筆芯為低黏度的油性墨水,可防止書寫時劃得太快,因此能卻完美的手感。而特殊的橡膠筆桿則經過抗菌處理且不滑手,握起來比一般塑膠材質更穩。 哎喔生活雜良 http://ift.tt/2ljZGPp http://ift.tt/2kArHOm February 16, 2017 at 12:
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OEM products are fairly common in the stationery industry. For sharpeners OEM products are used by many brands. When it comes to OEM fountain pens I noticed some with similar looks but massively different quality.


1 Kaco is from China

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