Super5 at Insights X 2016

Super5 presented their new fountain pens, the 07 and the B) at Insights X. They belong to Papierlabor / Format from Darmstadt in Hesse (not to be mixed up with Austrian paper manufacturer Format Werk).

Additionally to the 0.5mm nibs they now also sell 0.7mm nibs, M nibs (1.0mm) and B nibs (1.5mm).

Like the 05, the 07 version has no iridium point – that’s what gives the Super5 the very different writing experience and style. The M and B versions do have iridium points, though.

Robert Neumann, the man behind the Super5 fountain pen.
Robert Neumann, the man behind the Super5 fountain pen.

Some sources on the Internet suggest that there is no iridium in fountain pens’ iridium points, e.g. this article, but when I asked at the stand about this I was told that there is in fact iridium in the iridium point of the nibs.

Also available at the stand were Super5/Papierlabor’s waterproof inks, their ink cleaner concentrate and their new brush with soft synthetic fibres.

Super5 fountain pens
Super5 fountain pens

When you see the new fountain pen colours on a screen they look good, but in reality they look absolutely amazing! Especially the blue and green versions, but also the yellow one look just so good to me.

Robert Neumann, the man behind the Super5 fountain pen, also told me about the flex nib verison of the fountain pen they are working on, together with JoWo. I love flex nibs, so I am definitely looking forward to their new fountain pen.

Super5 ink
Super5 ink

By the way, the new pen bodies don’t have the logo printed on the body anymore. Instead they are embossed. I preferred the old look, not only because on the new body you can see on the outside where the thread is, but everyone has a different taste.

Top: the old Super5 body with the printed logo Bottom: the new body with the embossed logo
Top: the old Super5 body with the printed logo
Bottom: the new body with the embossed logo

You might remember my leaky Super5. Luckily I got it swapped for another one.

10 thoughts on “Super5 at Insights X 2016”

  1. I have heard raving reviews on Super5 fountain pens as well as their ink, but I am always one step too late to join the wagon (Goulet used to carry it). The pen and waterproof ink are great combination, as the nib does not dry out. It is exciting to hear about their flex nib in the work. Cannot wait to see how it compares to dip nibs.

  2. It’s great so see Robert and one of his projects here! I enjoy the Super5 fountain pen very much, and besides that I am a very happy customer of his store.

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    Shangching, did Goulet stop selling them? That’s a shame. I used to think the nib not drying out is normal, but I these days I think it’s just because of the brands I used to use (Lamy, Pelikan, …) other brand fountain pens really do seem to dry out fast… Shame..

    Gunther, if I ever manage to go to Darmstadt I should visit his store.The dying of independent stationery stores here in the UK is rather sad…

  4. I believe Goulet stopped carrying Super5 sometimes last year? It was a rather short duration if I recall correctly. Many artists like the non-drying property of the fountain pen and the waterproof ink. Let’s keep our fingers cross that with the new products, a US-based vendor will pick it up again.

  5. Francis Theo, an artist told me the Super5 inks dry out very soon if you use them on normal pens and don’t use the pen for a few days – and are then very difficult to clean. Did you have the same experience?

    Shangching, I guess they didn’t sell well enough. What a shame.

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