Freshly inked

Freshly re-inked: My Super5 fountain pen in green (Dublin) is now part of my current pen rotation. The other two currently inked pens include the Lamy 2000 with an EF nib and the re-release of the Parker 51 in Teal with an F nib.

Fitting with the Super5‘s colour I fed it one of Kaco’s “Leaf” green cartridges.

I won’t show how the ink looks on paper as I didn’t clean the Super5 since its last use, so the ink colour I get is still a mishmash.

Kaco and Stálogy

If you follow my YouTube channel you might have seen my video about Kaco. Two minutes into this video I show the KacoGreen Multipen.

Since it’s made in Japan [1]Kaco is from China I assumed it was bought in and suspected that this ‘shape’ of multipen is also being used by other brands.

I have now found another pen that is presumably from the same OEM: The Stálogy multipen. The clip looks different and I assume the refills are different. The KacoGreen refills are stamped “Kaco”, so I assume Kaco is using their own refills in a bought-in body.

This is an embedded Flickr image. Click to go to this image on Flickr.

OEM products are fairly common in the stationery industry. For sharpeners OEM products are used by many brands. When it comes to OEM fountain pens I noticed some with similar looks but massively different quality.


1 Kaco is from China