Month: January 2017

Visiting Lamy’s store in Shanghai’s Raffles City

After the blog post about the shop from FuZhou Road I had to interrupt this Chinese New Year series with the Pencil Pot of the Month before the month came to an end – but now we are back on track with the next Chinese New Year blog post.

This time: a look at Lamy’s store in Raffles City, a shopping mall at the end of Shanghai’s FuZhou Road.

If you want to know more about Shanghai’s Lamy stores have a look at this blog post about the store in Raffles City, the stores in this comment or  the one in this blog post.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video.

Visiting a stationery store on Shanghai’s FuZhou Road

To celebrate Chinese New Year here’s the first China themed blog post..

..well, it’s not much of a blog post, more of a video showing a visit to a stationery store on Shanghai’s FuZhou Road.

I have mentioned Shanghai’s FuZhou Road many times before, it’s a street full of stationery and book stores.

Have a look how a typical store there looks like.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year
Written (and drawn) with a KUM Tiptop Pop-Line on Shangching‘s Tomoe River notebook (which is notebook you usually see if there’s a drawing in a blog post at Bleistift).

To celebrate Chinese new year there’s a series of China themed blog posts coming up.

Some links to previous Chinese New Year blog posts: 2016 (Monkey), 2015 (Sheep), 2014 (Horse)
Please don’t feel offended that I wrote Chinese New Year instead of Lunar New Year or keeping it country neutral as in previous years. The Chinese link this year is the series of China related posts and the Chinese text. 

Federation vs Klingon Empire

Just in time before the new Star Trek TV series Discovery is out: a Star Trek blog post.


The eternal question:

Which one is better – the United Federation of Planets or the Klingon Empire.

Well, there’s only one way to find out: let’s see who has the better notebooks.

The Paper-Oh Puro Gold? Nice notebook. The lines on the cover look like the Starfleet insignia.

Let’s have a look what’s inside…

Captain's shopping list
Well, Captain: That blue stuff is illegal!

Oh, it’s a shopping list – but Captain, don’t get caught with Romulan Ale…

OK, let’s look at the Klingon Empire. We’ve got the notebook of Kronos One’s captain.

The Paper-Oh Puro Bronze? Nice notebook. The lines on the cover look like the trefoil.

Let’s have a look what’s inside…

Klingon shopping list

Oh, it’s a shopping list, too – well, I guess bloodwine is all you need.


One fascinating detail of these notebooks is the instruction sheet.

When you first open them you might be inclined to think that there was a folding accident in the factory and that the sheet was folded wrong..

..but once you open the sheet you can see that this is all planned quite cleverly.

The bookmark that can be used in different ways is a nice extra, too:

My main issue with this notebook is that it’s not great with fountain pen ink. The problem is not quite as bad as for example the original Field Notes (sometimes called Kraft) with Finch paper, but fountain pens and rollerball pens, e.g. the popular uni-ball eye, will bleed a bit through the page.

Top: a wet fountain pen, bottom: a dry fountain pen

In this example, you can see the bleed through from a wet fountain pen with a gold nib at the top, and under that, you can see how it looks with a dry fountain pen (steel nib).

Pencils (and ballpoint pens) seem the best choice for this notebook. If you don’t use it with ink (fountain pen or rollerball) it is a great notebook – very well made. I especially like the origami feel from this notebook and the binding, which you can notice on some pages if you open the notebook flat.

So.. who won? The Federation or the Klingons?

..I think it’s a draw.

If you would like to read more reviews of this notebook have a look at Gourmet Pens, My Pen Needs Ink and The Pen Addict.