Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese (or Lunar) New Year! Goodbye Rabbit. Welcome Dragon.

To celebrate the occasion Caran d’Ache released a special version of the 849 ballpoint pen: the DRAGON Burgundy Special Edition.

It was/is sold out in most shops until new stock arrives, but luckily I was able to buy the last 849 Dragon pen from Papeterie Berlin.

If you look at the surface against the light you can see the different layers of paint. The pen looks really beautiful.

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Year of the Tiger

With the year of the tiger in full swing (we just finished Lantern festival and had the first full moon of the Chinese New Year) it is time to show some Chinese New Year pens.

I assume BIC made these for the Chinese market as one of them even shows a Chinese flag. They have a generic New Year theme and are not focussed on the animal of the Chinese zodiac, i.e. Tiger for 2022, so can be resold every year without having to be redesigned. The centrepiece is the golden BIC in the middle.

Happy New Year!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year
Written (and drawn) with a KUM Tiptop Pop-Line on Shangching‘s Tomoe River notebook (which is notebook you usually see if there’s a drawing in a blog post at Bleistift).

To celebrate Chinese new year there’s a series of China themed blog posts coming up.

Some links to previous Chinese New Year blog posts: 2016 (Monkey), 2015 (Sheep), 2014 (Horse)
Please don’t feel offended that I wrote Chinese New Year instead of Lunar New Year or keeping it country neutral as in previous years. The Chinese link this year is the series of China related posts and the Chinese text. 

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