Pencil Pot Of The Month – August 2019 2

For this blog post I want to temporarily revive the Pencil Pot Of The Month series that was running for 24 months from 2015 to 2017.

Description: Set of four pencil cups

Price: UK £5, DE €3.99 (i.e. much cheaper), USA: currently not available

Material: cardboard

IKEA Lankmoj Pencil Cups

Further information: On a recent trip to IKEA I saw these sets of four pencil cups. The specialty? They have built-in magnets and can be attached together magnetically.

Prices: August 2019

Pencil Pot Of The Month – June 2017

Description: Officially a toothbrush holder this item makes a great pencil pot, too.

Price: £2.50 in the UK. €2.99 in Germany$4.99 in the USA.

Material: A stoneware container with a rubberised surface. I bought the turquoise version.

Further information: IKEA’s Ekoln toothbrush holder has a rubberised surface. Sometimes these surfaces can turn nastily sticky over the years. I hope IKEA did a better job than many other companies, but only time will tell. The $4.99 version from IKEA USA is available in different colours.


Prices: June 2017

IKEA’s pencil book

Caroline Weaver’s pencil book has been the big topic in the stationery fandom. As there’s nothing much I can say about this book that hasn’t already been said publicly or privately here’s a look at another pencil book.

You might remember my blog post about Ikea’s huge pencil soft toy (or is it some kind of pillow?) from last year, or my blog post about another item from IKEA – to store Field Notes the Swedish way. Today’s blog post about IKEA again, specifically about a pencil themed children book they sell: Let’s Go Says The Pencil.

Part of a drawing from one of the book’s pages

This was in the IKEA store in Warrington [1]..which was the first IKEA in the UK. They also have a pencil themed area for children to try out their products.

Oh, while you are here anyway, something not IKEA related: I noticed that CultPens is now selling the black Mars Technico 780C I showed in the Insights X blog post.

Staedtler Mars technico

If you want to see more IKEA related stationery blog posts have a look at the ones found at Lexikaliker (in German) or the ones from Pencil Revolution. The Pencil Case Blog even had a three part series about IKEA stationery.


1..which was the first IKEA in the UK

Field Notes storage – the Swedish way

I’m quite excited about Utility, the new Field Notes Quarterly Edition.

Finally a metric ruler. Ever since I got my first Field Notes from Michael I thought a metric ruler would be quite useful. Trying to measure a length using the squares (if the paper has squares at all) is just not the same.

I’m also looking forward to comparing the Mohawk Via Vellum paper to previous Field Notes paper.

In anticipation of the new edition here’s a look at how I store Field Notes at home.

Field Notes in an IKEA Förhöja box

They are on my desk in one of the three boxes from the Förhöja set which was the Pencil Pot of the Month last July. In the UK the whole set sells for £15. In Germany it’s €14.99 and in Australia it’s $24.99. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available in the USA.

This and that

Work has kept me very busy which explains the lack of new blog posts in the last weeks.



Just to show that I’m still alive here’s a quick blog post with some small points I want to raise.

M&G pens in the local post office

M&G pens in the local post office

I have mentioned M&G several times in the past, but all my M&G pens so far were bought in China. They seem to work on getting a bigger presence outside China and I have now spotted their pens in my local post office. I wonder whether this is the time where we’ll start to see more and more Chinese stationery brands in the West.


I’ve seen this IKEA pencil soft toy during a recent trip to the Swedish furniture retailer.

IKEA soft toy pencil

IKEA soft toy pencil

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Erasable ballpoint pens have been around since the 1970s [1]see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erasermate and there are numerous reports how these type of pens work – you can for example get erased content back by freezing the notebook. Well, this notebook adds a new idea to the mix.

Stationery Fever

Thanks to Gunther I found out about the new Stationery Fever book. The German version: Schreibwaren has already been released. The UK version will be released on 3rd October and the US version will be released on 8th November.

The German cover of the Stationery Fever book

The German cover of the Stationery Fever book

It looks as if this book contains some very exciting content.

I believe that the use of the cover of the book in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.