Field Notes Black Ice


Here’s a look at the “Bright White” Finch Fine Smooth 70# text paper found in the new Field Notes Black Ice.

As in previous blog posts I have created violin plots of graphite samples on the  different papers.

To read under what conditions the graphite is put on the paper please read the explanation in Lunatic Paper or other blog posts.


Field Notes comparison plus samples
The samples and their violin plots

Colour base paper shift

Previous samples were automatically adjusted by the scanner, so the violin plots were all closer together than they should have been, i.e. the base colour of the paper didn’t make a big difference.

This has now been changed, explanation in the video, so the results are more objective, but also feel more difficult to compare.


The finch Fine paper used in the Black Ice Field Notes is great, nearly as good as the Boise paper in the County Fair editions. For my purposes, i.e. writing with pencils, it is miles better than the Finch Opaque paper used in the original Field Notes.

One small issue with the Black Ice though: the paper at the bottom of some of my notebooks was ripped, see photo. Even though the shrinkwrapping was intact this might have happened in transport as my Field Notes calendar was also damaged in transport.


3 thoughts on “Field Notes Black Ice”

  1. I tried commenting on the original post on this topic, but don’t see that comment, so I’ll try here. 🙂 This is s very interesting series. How do you evenly apply and measure force? Are you using specialist equipment?

  2. Thank you for your comments.
    I have a weight fixed to a 0.7mm mechanical pencil to achieve the 1.5N. This was then measured with a scale.
    To minimise friction when I use the pen on the paper it is in guided through a tube, so that me holding it does not reduce force.

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