Banana Pens, Sex Workers and a Measuring Tape

Here in the UK the Duchess of Sussex (the royal formerly known as Meghan Markel), was in the news this weekend – because she wrote notes for sex workers on bananas.

A clever idea to write the notes on bananas. If you think how crazy people can get when it comes to celebrities  and royals the bananas would probably have to go straight to the freezer if the recipient wants to sell them to some eccentric collector.

I remember that a friend of mine posted about a banana pen. I forgot the details, but luckily Gunther, of Lexikaliker fame, has a better memory than me: He reminded me that I saw it in this post from a friend.

You don’t need to look for this pen if you want to write on bananas. You can just use vinegar, e.g. in a brush pen.

I wonder whether the Duchess of Sussex used a banana pen / vinegar or a normal marker, like an Edding or a Sharpie. There have been numerous reports that she is or was into calligraphy, so she might know about banana pens…

Another clever idea, maybe not as clever as banana pens:

A measuring tape with a built-in pencil that takes 2mm leads.

Seen this weekend at Lidl UK.

The screenshot in this blog post has been  taken from BBC News. I believe that the use of the screenshot shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

Ten Staedtler Noris in Nine Seconds 4

It’s nice to know that British schools recognise a good pencil when they see one and that Staedtler’s Noris is, as far as I can tell, by far the most common pencil in British schools. If I could only have one pencil for the rest of my life it would be the Noris, without a shadow of a doubt.

In this school scene from the British TV series Catastrophe (Season 4 Episode 2) you can see ten Staedtler Noris in nine seconds
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

(It’s an animated gif, so you might depending on the browser you use you might have to click on it first.)

Since we’re on the topic of Staedtler anyway: have a look at this drawing tube (to transport drawings, etc.) in a Mars Lumograph look. Cool.

The school scene in this blog post has been added to the Noris in the Wild page and is from the Channel 4 series Catastrophe. I believe that the use of the animated GIF shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

The Kaweco Student 70’s Soul and its amazing EF nib 5

Since last Autumn I have used one fountain pen as my daily companion: The Kaweco Student 70’s Soul. A fountain pen with an amazing EF nib.

By coincidence it also fits quite well with my 2018 Hobonichi ‘hazelnut’ cover.

The Kaweco Student 70s Soul on a 2018 Hobonichi 'hazelnut' cover

The Kaweco Student 70s Soul on a 2018 Hobonichi ‘hazelnut’ cover

Below is a quick look at this fantastic fountain pen in the form of a video. I published it last November, so if you follow my YouTube channel you might have spotted this video before.


Good Bye Bureau Direct 2

Gloomy news. In yesterday’s newsletter Bureau Direct announced that they ceased trading after 23 years.

It is sad to see them go1. Their website doesn’t currently mention that they stopped trading, but since the newsletter explicitly stated it trading I am not sure whether any orders placed now will be fulfilled.

An excerpt from their newsletter:

As of now we have ceased trading. Sadly the difficulties of surviving in these turbulent times has claimed another retail victim, one that will never hit the headlines or be discussed on Newsnight, but maybe should because so many similar stories will occur and affect so many people but never get heard.

  1. despite them messing up an order I placed and being not that good at trying to get it right []

The Green Hint 2

The end of the year seems to be a good time to show a calendar I bought for 2019.

I never heard of this calendar until Gunther (from the Lexikaliker website) mentioned that this calendar is available in Japan. It features daily tips for keen gardeners. According to Bundoki it is very popular in Japan, even though the text is only in German.

When I came across this calendar I remembered what I knew from Gunther and couldn’t resist buying one.