No 10 4

A few days ago the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, reshuffled his cabinet. This kind of event is one of those rather rare occasions when you can see the government’s nice pen trays in the news.

I first noticed these pen trays when I watched the original House of Cards TV series from 1990. This led me to looking into this and I found out that the real life pen trays are very similar.

Have a look at Tony Blair’s cabinet table in 2001.

Blair's cabinet table in 2001. Picture © Getty
Blair’s cabinet table in 2001. Picture © Getty

The highest resolution photo of the cabinet table I could find was from the Jewish Chronicle. Below is a magnification of the pen trays. The pencils look similar to the Shaws pencils used for voting in the UK. By the way, the Lamy Al-Star (or is it a Safari?) is not Theresa May’s but Hilda Worth’s.

The pen trays under Theresa May. Picture © The Jewish Chronicle

If you want to see more of these pen trays, here they are…
under Boris Johnson
under David Cameron
under Tony Blair

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Old 3

This is the book our son got from his school yesterday. Every day the children get a different book to read as homework.

A record player, a dip pen, an ink bottle and a typewriter

Here are two items I keep on my desk at work.

Here’s another thing I keep in my office.

More student colours

After seeing Brad’s tweet about the new Kaweco Student colours, see below..

.. I couldn’t resist showing you my Kawecco Student 70s Soul again.

I have more fountain pens than I dare to admit and love EF nibs. The Soul has the smoothest and ‘finest’, in both senses of the word, EF nib of all my fountain pens.

PS: Nice naming scheme, Kaweco.

A Traditional year of the mouse 2

Coincidentally coinciding with Chinese New Year: a new addition to my Pelikan flock.

I couldn’t resist CultPen’s Pelikan discount offer and bought the ‘Traditional M120’. Upon arrival I filled it with Diamine Prussian Blue.

When I showed it to my wife, who usually loves Pelikan (except that blue M205 demonstrator I got in 2009), she compared the looks of the M120 to a Super5 and commented on the price.

When I ordered the M120 I didn’t think of the Super5 at all. Now that I made the connection it is so clear. Yes, they are similar, but putting them next to each other you realise how similar they are.

The colour of the M120 is beautiful, but the Super5 colours are beautiful as well. Pelikan and Super5 managed to find special colours that are the opposite of boring.

The Super5 is much cheaper, so unlike the Pelikan you don’t mind using it all the time. You don’t feel you have to protect it from scratches and the bad world out there. It takes cartridges – unlike the Pelikan which is a piston filler which always feels more high end. The Super5 is also special in a way: it is available without an Iridium point which makes for a nice and different writing experience.

Happy New Year of the Mouse to all Bleistift Readers. Enjoy your pens.