Pelikan Hubs

Pelikan Hub Bremen

After recently moving from the UK to Germany, this year I was involved in the Pelikan Hub Bremen, rather than the Preston Hub that used to be my home hub.

The Pelikan Hub took place in a Greek restaurant in the North of Bremen. The location was chosen as it was close to public transport and also offered a big car park.

Some numbers linked this Hub: Unfortunately, three of the participants who signed up didn’t take part. There were also another three people who didn’t sign up but wanted to come along. In the end, however, they couldn’t make it. That left us with five participants which means that this was probably one of the smallest Hubs…

Despite the small number of participants I enjoyed the Hub very much. I wonder how long other Hubs went on for. This one lasted around four hours.

Thanks to Pelikan the participants got bottles of the ink of the year, nice notebooks and postcards.

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Preston’s Pelikan Hub 2018

It’s been fairly quiet on this blog –  the beginning of the new academic year has been keeping me busy.

That made the two hours I spent visiting Preston’s Pelikan Hub last Friday even more precious. The Hub was in the same place as last year.

The outside might not have been as nice as last year, thanks to the scaffolding, but inside it was as nice as always.

We Preston Pelikan participants had a whole room to ourselves. Look! ..the green wallpaper even matched this year’s ink of the year 😜.

The wood fired Pizzas were absolutely delicious.

Here’s one I ate earlier..

The event was not only for humanoids. Here’s our feathered friend who came along..

..and our canine friend from the Hub.

..not to forget: some of our Hub’s Pelikans without feathers.

The fireplace made the whole place even cosier.. did the drinks (mine is the Diet Coke).

I hope Preston will get its own Pelikan Hub again in 2019.

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Pencil Pot Of The Month – August 2017

Description: A cup as sent out by Pelikan for the Pelikan Hubs 2017

Price: Pelikan didn’t charge for them. Unknown what Pelikan paid

Material: paper

Further information: Pelikan sent these to Hub Masters for the upcoming Pelikan Hubs that take place all over the world on 22th September 2017, at 18:30 local time.

The pencils in this cup are from a soon to be published blog post about ‘baseball pencils’. The fountain pen in this cup is a Pelikan Go, an affordable piston filler that was targeted at school children.


Here’s a little unboxing video of the goodies Pelikan sent.

..and here’s a photo of the Hub Pub and a Pelikan

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