Strawberry and cream

I used to think that I have all the Safari colours I ever need, but as mentioned in February, Lamy keep bringing out wonderful (and difficult to resist) new colours and editions.

This year’s Strawberry and Cream colours are very much to my liking, so I had to go ahead and got one fountain pen in each of the two colours. They were ordered together with the Lamy xevo I discussed recently. I am currently using the strawberry-coloured one with its smooth F nib as a daily writer. These were bought from Pen Heaven in June 2022 and I paid £21.50 each.

The strawberry-red and cream-white Safaris are definitely in the Top 5 of my favourite colours, with the other colours near the top being the Savannah Green (2021), the Mango (2020) and the Griso / Grey version (which was either form 2010 or 2011, I am not sure).

If you are interested in the Lamy Safari, have a look at the Safari article at As far as I know it is the most complete overview of Lamy Safari special editions that can be found on the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry and cream”

  1. I feel that these days the mechanical pencil industry has run out of ideas, and is 90% just releasing an ever increasing number of special colours and other such cosmetic variants instead of actually releasing new designs.

  2. I can’t disagree with you, Kiwi-D. I think a lot of stationery companies are in that position. Part of it is probably because most of the really useful improvements have already been made. Part of it is also that it’s an easy way to get someone to buy another mechanical pencil or fountain pen!

    Both of the colours here are lovely, and the naming scheme is great too. I wonder how long the paint on the clip will last?

    That Stationery Wiki page is exhaustive and excellent. My personal favourite is the 2015 Neon Lime. Amazingly it’s still available new from Hamilton Pens! The colour is something of an acquired taste which probably explains why.

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