Good Bye Bureau Direct 2

Gloomy news. In yesterday’s newsletter Bureau Direct announced that they ceased trading after 23 years.

It is sad to see them go1. Their website doesn’t currently mention that they stopped trading, but since the newsletter explicitly stated it trading I am not sure whether any orders placed now will be fulfilled.

An excerpt from their newsletter:

As of now we have ceased trading. Sadly the difficulties of surviving in these turbulent times has claimed another retail victim, one that will never hit the headlines or be discussed on Newsnight, but maybe should because so many similar stories will occur and affect so many people but never get heard.

  1. despite them messing up an order I placed and being not that good at trying to get it right []

The Green Hint 2

The end of the year seems to be a good time to show a calendar I bought for 2019.

I never heard of this calendar until Gunther (from the Lexikaliker website) mentioned that this calendar is available in Japan. It features daily tips for keen gardeners. According to Bundoki it is very popular in Japan, even though the text is only in German.

When I came across this calendar I remembered what I knew from Gunther and couldn’t resist buying one.

Shanghai’s fairy-tale-like Zhongshuge Bookstore

This is a follow-up blog post to my previous blog post about the Bookstore at Oriental Pearl TV Tower’s Gate 8.


I also visited the amazingly dreamy Zhongshuge (钟书阁) bookstore in Shanghai’s Reel Mall this June. Have a look at this video, which gives you a short glimpse into this fantastic store. I didn’t add the music, it was playing over the speakers in the store.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019.

I wish bookstores here in the UK would be a bit more like this one.

If you want to see more of Shanghai have a look at his blog post about Shanghai’s Baixin Stationery Store or at my other Shanghai videos.

Neither Magnetic, Nor Paper: Graphite is King on the Magnetic Notes 2

Neither magnetic, nor paper: Graphite is King on the Magnetic Notes (subtitle: Paper That Clings To Anything) from the Hobonichi store.

I bought mine when I ordered my Hobonichi Techo for 2019 and paid ¥626 (~$5.50; £4.40; €4.90) plus import fees etc. This is for 100 sheets, so the price per sheet is substantially more expensive than  what you might be used to from Post-its.

The back of the pack shows that the Magnetic Notes are made in Finland. You also get some advice on how to handle these ‘notes’.

You’ll find a detailed description of the ‘magnetic’ notes in my video.

Despite the name they are basically some sort of foil. Writing on them with pencil is good, but using ballpoint pens or fountain pens is, in my opinion, not that advisable.

If you want to try them out you don’t need to order them from Japan. Amazon US and Amazon UK sell them, too.

Price: September 2018

Exachange rates: December 2018