At the Insights X 2016

I’m back from the Insights X and hope there’ll be enough time in the next few days to write a few short blog posts about the trade fair.

We [1]My wife and son went, too. had a great time at the trade fair. Seeing the stationery blogging royalty in real life was great, too.



I was most happy to finally have met Lexikaliker. I have been in contact with him since 2009.

I also met Dries. I have exchanged emails with him since he started blogging in 2013.

Then there were Aziza and Stephen. Aziza has been blogging about stationery since 2010 and Stephen must be the most popular stationery vlogger on YouTube.

I wasn’t the only one from the UK. Tessa was there, too. I just heard her talk on the Pen Addict podcast a few weeks earlier.

I also met Christian and Markus. I remember looking at Christian’s blog post about the posh edition of the Gessner in the past. Very tempting. Markus’ blog is quite unusual as it doesn’t only cover stationery, but lots of lifestyle topics, too.

A panorama shot from my phone. Excuse the panorama stitching mistakes.
The view from the press centre. A panorama shot from my phone. Excuse the panorama stitching mistakes.


1 My wife and son went, too.

4 thoughts on “At the Insights X 2016”

  1. Thank you for your comments.

    Sean, I wish there would have been time to look at more stands.

    Gunther, it was great meeting you in real life after so many years! Also thanks for the things you brought!

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