2x Staedtler

Greetings from Nuremberg.

If you follow the Bleistift Facebook page or my Instagram feed you might have noticed that I’m on my way to a stationery trade fair, the Insights X in Nuremberg.

On the way there two exciting things have happened. Out of the blue I saw someone at Manchester Airport with a t-shirt that seemed to feature Staedtler’s Mars logo from fifty years ago – you can see the old logo  in this blog post from Lexikaliker. I assume this seeing this Mars head on a t-shirt is a coincidence and not linked to Staedtler, but to the Mars symbol itself …but seeing it in an unexpected place was still exciting.

Then when the second plane was landing in Nuremberg things got even better, we were flying just next to Staedtler’s headquarters I visited earlier this year.

Staedtler in Nuremberg
Staedtler in Nuremberg

Unfortunately the photo, taken with my mobile, is not that clear but if you look closely you can just make it the Staedtler logo. In reality it was very easy to see.



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