Stationery Fever

Stationery Fever

How exciting, yesterday I got the Stationery Fever book I mentioned previously.

Amazon is quite cheeky. They give you that price guarantee that you pay whatever the lowest price is between you ordering and the book coming out and then they lower the price one or two days after the book is out. When I ordered it on Monday Amazon’s official price was still £24.99, so I ordered from Amazon Marketplace instead, from a seller called Speedyhen [1]They seemed to be faster than others, which turned out to be true, I ordered on Monday and got the book on Wednesday., and paid only £16.96. Now that the preorders are fulfilled Amazon UK lowered their price to £19.98 (October 2016). On their Marketplace you can still get it cheaper, but might have to wait a bit longer before the book arrives.

Stationery Fever

The US release date is still set for 8 November and the price is still $39.95. This is one of these rare occasions where something in the UK is cheaper than in the USA.

Stationery Fever
Gunther’s article

The first thing I did was (of course) to read Lexikaliker’s article about the Grenade…

…followed by admiring a picture from Sean’s collection.

Stationery Fever
A peek at Sean’s collection

The photo of the table of contents will give you an idea about the other things you can find in the book.


I haven’t read more than that so far, but am looking forward to exploring the other pages of the book.


Brownie points: If you read this blog post you can make a connection between Stationery ‘Fever’ and the Pencil Cedar. 

I believe that showing a few pages from the Stationery Fever book in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.


1 They seemed to be faster than others, which turned out to be true, I ordered on Monday and got the book on Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Stationery Fever”

  1. I envy you, not only because the book is cheaper (this time at least) but because I have found UK editions to be “nicer” in most cases. Let’s hope there won’t be any difference this time! I plan to order mine from the US along with some other books in November.

  2. I don’t know about “faster,” but I did end up ordering this from the UK, because we found out that the book my son wanted to get was also being published earlier in Britain! More to follow on Instagram 🙂

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