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Pencil Pot Of The Month – February 2016 2

SUCK UK sharpener desk tidy

SUCK UK sharpener desk tidy

Description: A pencil pot looking like a huge handheld sharpener.

Material: Wood (rubberwood) and metal (stainless steel)

Further information: I first mentioned this pencil pot in in a blog post from 2009. Well it took five years or so until I bought one myself: I got the dark version when Tesco sold them very cheap, probably to get rid of old stock – and then, another year or so later I got this one from to of my colleagues. They know I am into stationery, so  they bought me this sharpener for my birthday. How nice of them.


I took this photo with my mobile phone (didn’t bring my camera to the office) and have to say: the photo is lying. It looks as if the phone removed the lead point of the pencils on the right side… Click on the photo to enlarge or even better, right click and open in a new tab to see the problem.

Here’s a link to the desk tidy on the manufacturer’s page.

I’m already looking forward to see what Lexikaliker’s pencil pot of the month will be. You can find his previous pencil pot of the month here.

Unhappy with my Indus 2

A few months ago I bought an Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution, seen here previously.

Well, I have hardly used it until now and was just about to use it regularly from now on (because I finally got round to changing the nib) when I found out that it is leaking. It has a hairline crack at the grip section, above the ink window.

A leaking Indus fountain pen from Fountain Pen Revolution

Well, I guess when it comes to fountain pens I should stick to the brands I know I can trust, like Pelikan, Lamy, Kaweco, even if they’re more expensive. Not sure whether it is worth complaining about the pen as it came from India and postage back to India might be quite expensive.