Fountain Pen Revolution

Unhappy with my Indus

A few months ago I bought an Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution, seen here previously.

Well, I have hardly used it until now and was just about to use it regularly from now on (because I finally got round to changing the nib) when I found out that it is leaking. It has a hairline crack at the grip section, above the ink window.

A leaking Indus fountain pen from Fountain Pen Revolution

Well, I guess when it comes to fountain pens I should stick to the brands I know I can trust, like Pelikan, Lamy, Kaweco, even if they’re more expensive. Not sure whether it is worth complaining about the pen as it came from India and postage back to India might be quite expensive.

Original and Copy

A quick non-pencil blogpost – this time: Another Original and Copy one.

A bit more than a month ago I bought the Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution (the one on the right in the picture) for $20 including postage.

pelikan-indus-cappedI didn’t realise that it is a Pelikan copy. I also ordered the wrong nib by mistake. I guess that’s what’s happening if you order late at night.