Original and Copy

A quick non-pencil blogpost – this time: Another Original and Copy one.

A bit more than a month ago I bought the Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution (the one on the right in the picture) for $20 including postage.

pelikan-indus-cappedI didn’t realise that it is a Pelikan copy. I also ordered the wrong nib by mistake. I guess that’s what’s happening if you order late at night.


4 thoughts on “Original and Copy”

  1. John, thank you for your comment. The pens look a bit too shiny, but that’s how it looked on my window sill.
    When you handle them you can see that the Pelikan is much better made, but then it also was much more expensive (€99 vs $20). Both are great value for money though.
    I should go and order the nib I originally wanted – the flexible one.

  2. Which nib did you get originally and which one was it that you really wanted? How do Indian nibs compare to German and Japanese nibs? For example, I understand that a Japanese F nib is smaller than your typical American or German F nib. I’ve only personal experience with German and American nibs and prefer an M.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I got the EF nib, but wanted the flex nib. The nib seems similar to my EF Kaweco nib, but both pens run quite dry at the moment, so maybe not a good time for a comparison.
    The Indus is nor great for carrying around in a pencil case – unlike the Pelikan the Indus gets ink in the cap so I get my fingers inky.
    My guess would be that the Indus in M is similar to American or German M nibs, but that’s really just a guess.

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