Unhappy with my Indus

A few months ago I bought an Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution, seen here previously.

Well, I have hardly used it until now and was just about to use it regularly from now on (because I finally got round to changing the nib) when I found out that it is leaking. It has a hairline crack at the grip section, above the ink window.

A leaking Indus fountain pen from Fountain Pen Revolution

Well, I guess when it comes to fountain pens I should stick to the brands I know I can trust, like Pelikan, Lamy, Kaweco, even if they’re more expensive. Not sure whether it is worth complaining about the pen as it came from India and postage back to India might be quite expensive.

2 thoughts on “Unhappy with my Indus”

  1. Michael H. Gerloff

    I know that Kevin is a friendly and engaged pen man. So it should be worth to send him an email. I saw SBRE Browns Youtube reviews on FPR pens and can confirm that they normally should be well produced. I have some FPRs (Dilli and Guru) and they write fine for that price = EDC tools.

  2. Thanks for your comment and for letting me know that they are usually of a good standard. I’ll try to contact FPR/Kevin, maybe they’ll replace the pen under warranty.

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