Day: October 21, 2010

Staedtler promotional tins 2011

Next year Staetdler will release “nostalgic metal tins” as a limited edition. There will be tins for the Mars Lumograph, the Noris and the Tradition (yes,  this time with an upper case “T”).

I assume that that only the tins have the nostalgic look and that  the pencils inside will have the modern look.

Fantastic! I hope I will be able to buy some before they are gone. Getting this years 1835-2010 set was difficult enough.

Wooden Letter Rack with Draw

No, you don't have to store your envelopes upright...

A few weeks ago our local Past Times shop sold many items at a reduced price.  Past times is a UK retail chain selling vintage looking gifts influenced by different design periods. Among other reduced items they had this wooden letter rack from their Wit & Wisdom collection [1]that’s why there is a quotation on a plaque. I bought it for £12.60 ($19.90, €14.20), the original price was ~ 50% higher.

There's a lined drawer for the more precious pencils

Price: September 2010, exchange rates: October 2010

I would like to thank Henrik for the Stresemann and Sean for most of the rare pencils you can see in the photos.

Two less common items in this photo: ink from Bach’s Tinten and a Kronenheft notepad.


1 that’s why there is a quotation on a plaque