Staedtler promotional tins 2011

Next year Staetdler will release “nostalgic metal tins” as a limited edition. There will be tins for the Mars Lumograph, the Noris and the Tradition (yes,  this time with an upper case “T”).

I assume that that only the tins have the nostalgic look and that  the pencils inside will have the modern look.

Fantastic! I hope I will be able to buy some before they are gone. Getting this years 1835-2010 set was difficult enough.

3 thoughts on “Staedtler promotional tins 2011”

  1. I love the new, er, old tins…a tin of “Traditions” (sic) would be excellent. Or Mars. Or Noris. (Getting all three would be too indulgent, though.)

    I probably wouldn’t bother with the 175th Anniversary set, though. It didn’t seem special enough, to be honest. A good job from my perspective that it was so hard to buy – was it only available in Germany?

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. “While stocks last” suggests that one should buy early – not that I needed persuasion. 😉

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