Wooden Letter Rack with Draw

No, you don't have to store your envelopes upright...

A few weeks ago our local Past Times shop sold many items at a reduced price.  Past times is a UK retail chain selling vintage looking gifts influenced by different design periods. Among other reduced items they had this wooden letter rack from their Wit & Wisdom collection [1]that’s why there is a quotation on a plaque. I bought it for £12.60 ($19.90, €14.20), the original price was ~ 50% higher.

There's a lined drawer for the more precious pencils

Price: September 2010, exchange rates: October 2010

I would like to thank Henrik for the Stresemann and Sean for most of the rare pencils you can see in the photos.

Two less common items in this photo: ink from Bach’s Tinten and a Kronenheft notepad.


1 that’s why there is a quotation on a plaque

6 thoughts on “Wooden Letter Rack with Draw”

  1. Oh, this is beautiful – I like the little drawer where you’ve stuffed your pencils. Can you open it up easily without having to hold on to the whole unit? I find that’s a problem with a lot of such things.

    By the way, your blog is tempting me to try writing with a pencil again – I gave up on pencils a few years ago. I press hard when I write, and so, a lot of my writing would, after a while, be a bit illegible. Oh, but pencils are lovely… perhaps another try is necessary. Thank you!

  2. Indeed: brevity is the soul of wit. So I’ll better be brief 🙂
    Nice to see 140 in suitable surroundings for once – his brethren here lives in rolled pouches or cups in dusty cupboards. They are green with envy –in stripes off course.
    And so am I.

  3. Thank you all for your comments.

    AK, yes, you can open it easily without having to hold the unit. There are also two pieces of wood that prevent the drawer from falling out or being pulled out completely.
    Great to hear that you started using pencils again 🙂

    Henrik, this one writes particularly well. I have a similar one that also has a rubber/ebonite feed, but it does not write anywhere near as good as yours!! Thanks again.

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