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I don’t want to give the impression that I am a big fan of Tesco’s. When we go shopping we also buy from the other supermarkets (except maybe ASDA) …but I just have to mention this offer as it might be of interest for those of you in the UK (there might also be a similar offer in Ireland).

Tesco is currently selling the right handed version of the Stabilo EASYgraph double pack for 75p (~$1.17, 89c). The normal retail price is £2.70 (~$4.22, ~€3.23).

The EASYgraph is designed for schoolchildren who learn to write. It has a triangular shape, is over-sized and its specialty is its design which includes grip moulds that are supposed to support the fingers in gripping the pencil easily. As the pencil gets shorter through sharpening the next grip moulds can be used until the pencil is used up. There is a clear layer of paint above the wood visible in the moulds to protect the, from dirt. There is also a name tag at the end of the pencil which emphasises that this is a pencil for school children and the wood is PEFC certified.

Stabilo EASYgraph (front) and Lamy plus (back)

Altogether a very nice pencil, but it does feel a bit scratchy. After reading one of Sean’s recent articles I do however think that the sound this pencils makes might be responsible for the scratchy feeling.

As far as I know the EASYgraph pencils are produced in Český Krumlov in Bohemia.

The EASYgraph on a Cherry G80-3000LSC

Stabilo EASYgraph (front) and Lamy plus (back)

In case you wonder about the keyboard in the photo: This is my favourite keyboard. The G80-3000LSC (click tactile) from Wisconsin’s Cherry Corporation. How does it fit into this article? They are both ‘writing instruments’ and they are both made in the Czech Republic.


I would like to thank Lexikaliker for the Lamy plus pencil used in the photos.

Prices and exchange rates: September 2010

4 thoughts on “Stabilo EASYgraph offer”

  1. I’m not sure I want to thank you for telling me Tescos have this twin-pack for 75p when I spent £2.00 on the same thing in my local stationer’s, but thanks. (The Tesco here is only a small branch so they probably don’t have it in stock anyway.)

    I am planning a review of this myself, possibly in comparison with the Noris Ergosoft I bought my daughter. I’ve not found the EASYgraph scratchy in the brief testing I’ve done, and I like the darkness of the lead.

  2. I don’t know what to think of these learner’s products. This one is really unusual – the line also includes a pencil for left-handers. Yellow marks – the grooves are different, should support a lefthand grip (but children doesn’t really care). Here in DK they are sold in sets, with a special “left-hander sharpener” too. Maybe they will come up with a left-handers’ eraser next?

    Anyway, I don’t see any of them at the school were I teach – even kindergarten and first graders just use the generic “Impega” pencil, left or right-handers. Products like these might be a success with parents, but in real life the children want to use, what everybody else uses.

    Have tried them – I’ll agree to the scratchiness.

    Regards Henrik

  3. Henrik, good point on children wanting to conform on what they use to write with at school. Any unusual pencil would scream “I’m different!” to the other children and make the user a target for ridicule.

  4. These pencils remind me a lot of the old GripStix by PenTech produced in the 90s. They had notches carved out of the side of the barrel, too, and they came in bright colors to compete with the Yikes! pencils from around the same time.

    Also: I love Stabilo. I have a bunch of pens that they’ve produced. I will start right away to try to find some pencils!

    Thanks for the review!

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