Eckenklammer corner clips

Photo by Diana Metzner

Today we have some sort of premiere at Bleistift. The first guest post (..if this counts as a guest post).

Photo by Diana Metzner

Diana, who in 1980 was my first English teacher, read my recent post about the Japan Clips and send me a photo and additional information about some other unusual clips she bought in the past, including the Eckenklammern from ALCO.

Diana wrote:

Here are the “Eckenklammer” corner clips, which I used as in 1,2,3. They are flatter than a normal paper clip and hold the paper tighter. I think they are only meant for 2 or three sheets, though, but they do look really good on “important” papers.

There seem to be at least three different version of the  corner clips available: brass-plated, nickel-plated and made from aluminium. A box with 100 corner clips usually retails for about €1.50 (~$1.95, ~£1.25), a box with 1000 retails for about €9.00 (~$11.70, ~£7.50).

As mentioned before Diana’s Eckenklammern were from ALCO, a family business established in 1906. They are also available from other companies and I assume that all the different corner clips come from the same manufacturer as they all seem to look the same.  They are size is 18 x 18 mm and about  0.25 mm thick.

I would like to thank Diana for making me aware of this product and for the photos and the explanation.

Prices and exchange rates: September 2010

Photo by Diana Metzner

6 thoughts on “Eckenklammer corner clips”

  1. Thank you for your comment.

    They are nice. If you don’t have a use for them I’d be interested.

  2. I would like to order a box of 100 brass fold-down corner paper clips sent to my address in New Jersey, USA. Please advise how I might do that.
    Thank you.
    L. Aiges

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