Notebook and pencil

If you want to make sure you don’t lose your pen when you walk around with your notebook there are several ways of attaching a pen or pencil to a notebook :

You might already have a notebook. In this case products like Leuchtturm’s PenLoop or this pen holder from Lexikaliker‘s blog  (Google translation of this link) might be the right thing for you.There is also a slightly different version of the metal pen holder (Google translation of this link). For a designer look have a look at the pen clip by Stefan Diez.

You might prefer DIY solutions. Lexikaliker has the right solution, depending on your skills: There’s the easy version (Google translation of this link) and the more complicated version (Google translation of this link).

You could of course buy a notebook with a built-in pen loop, like Brunnen’s Kompagnon, or you could buy SUCK UK’s notebook that can store your pen inside the notebook.


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