Staedtler’s Pencilmaker Set and ISOT 2016

Staedtler’s Pencilmaker Set

What a nice surprise. Yesterday I got this Staedtler pencilmaker set. Christoph, a blog reader bought it in Staedtler’s shop in Nuremberg and sent it to me (and postage was quite expensive). Thank you very much.

The pencilmaker set came out in 2011, you might have seen this blog post at the time, and at that time you could also buy it online in the UK. I assume what is being sold in Nuremberg is stock left from that time.

I made a little video showing the set and how it is being assembled. I suggest you watch it on YouTube for a better resolution. I also suggest watching it with an increased playback speed (I like 1.5x).

ISOT 2016

ISOT is the International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo. Yumiko has made me aware that their Stationery Of The Year product list is out.  Thank you. Have a look at the web site. It’s in English.

ISOT 2016

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