National Day

Happy Belgian National Day!

Belgium. Home of our president, home of The Pencil Case Blog, home of the chips (and moules-frites), home of SG-1’s favourite toy, home of many fantastic comic artists and comic strips [1]from Macherot, Turk, Morris, Hergé, Peyo, …, home of some crazy music and home to some of the best [2]imho notebooks in the world…

…and today is the Belgian National Day!

In a perfect world I’d now show you a picture of a Belgian pencil sharpened with a Belgian blade. Unfortunately I have to make do with no Belgian pencil, but at least some fantastic Belgian paper. For the photo I could even choose between different brands, but I picked Atoma paper. Regarding the blade, I chose a Dutch one, from Apeldoorn – the Netherlands is a neighbour of Belgium. About the pencil, I chose a German one, again it’s a neighbour of Belgium, plus the National Day “commemorates the day on which Leopold I took the constitutional oath as the first King of Belgium, on July 21st 1831” [3]see Leopold I of Belgium was born in Coburg, which is in Franconia – and this pencil was made in Franconia, too. Happy Belgian National Day




1 from Macherot, Turk, Morris, Hergé, Peyo, …
2 imho
3 see

Happy Bastille Day!

Today is another national day. This time: France’s Bastille Day.

Of course I had to get a French pencil out. Many of my BIC pencils are made in China, but this one, the BIC Evolution 646HB/n°2 is made in France.

…and of course I had to sharpen it with a French knife.

Bastille Day