Happy Belgian National Day!

Belgium. Home of our president, home of The Pencil Case Blog, home of the chips (and moules-frites), home of SG-1’s favourite toy, home of many fantastic comic artists and comic strips [1]from Macherot, Turk, Morris, Hergé, Peyo, …, home of some crazy music and home to some of the best [2]imho notebooks in the world…

…and today is the Belgian National Day!

In a perfect world I’d now show you a picture of a Belgian pencil sharpened with a Belgian blade. Unfortunately I have to make do with no Belgian pencil, but at least some fantastic Belgian paper. For the photo I could even choose between different brands, but I picked Atoma paper. Regarding the blade, I chose a Dutch one, from Apeldoorn – the Netherlands is a neighbour of Belgium. About the pencil, I chose a German one, again it’s a neighbour of Belgium, plus the National Day “commemorates the day on which Leopold I took the constitutional oath as the first King of Belgium, on July 21st 1831” [3]see http://www.belgium.be/en/about_belgium/country/belgium_in_nutshell/symbols/national_holiday/. Leopold I of Belgium was born in Coburg, which is in Franconia – and this pencil was made in Franconia, too. Happy Belgian National Day




1 from Macherot, Turk, Morris, Hergé, Peyo, …
2 imho
3 see http://www.belgium.be/en/about_belgium/country/belgium_in_nutshell/symbols/national_holiday/

3 thoughts on “Happy Belgian National Day!”

  1. Could you tell me more about the pocket knife in the picture?

    It looks like a cool piece. Thanks!

  2. Dries, I’m happy you like it.

    Peter, it’s a Dutch army knife. They used to be made by Amefa before Victorinox started making them. I think Amefa belongs to one of the Sheffield knife makers now. You can sometimes see their knives in Aldi, but they’re not made in Europe any more. It’s pretty similar to the previous version of the knife issued by the Swiss army, before they adopted the German army’s knife. You can still buy this style, Alox from Victorinox and Wenger.

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