Erasers, pencils and 3D pens

I just found out that Erasers are ‘an instrument of the devil and should be banned’. That came as a surprise.

Not only did erasers turn out to be evil, apparently you can summon demons with pencils.

Come on, what’s going on with British newspapers this morning‽ No need to sell stories in such a sensationalistic way.


Since we’re talking about surprising things anyway: I was also surprised to find out that 3D pens are very cheap now. You can now get one for under £30 / under $45. I think they started out costing more than three times that. Of course the more expensive ones might be better, but I wouldn’t know – I haven’t tried any.

Morrisons Pick and Mix Puzzle Erasers

Morrisons Pick and Mix Puzzle Eraser
Morrisons Pick and Mix Puzzle Eraser

This weekend, I discovered a rather interesting eraser in Morrisons (a supermarket chain from the North of England): it’s an eraser that’s made of different smaller erasers, a bit like the Ty/iwako erasers, but it also provides many different corners, a bit like the Kokuyo eraser. The biggest surprise is the price: when I saw it on the shelf I assumed this was the novelty eraser for 50p (~81¢; 59c), but it turned out that this eraser is the Pick and Mix Puzzle Eraser, which is only 8p (~13¢; 9c).

How to assemble this one again...?
How to assemble this one again…?

The design reminds me of wooden puzzles from MENSA that some UK supermarkets sold last December.

Morrisons Pick and Mix Puzzle Eraser
It does erase rather well.

Performance is good to very good, especially when keeping the price in mind. The puzzle doesn’t fall apart after erasing a few words. Even though the puzzle parts might loosen up a bit you can put them back together – and even if they fell apart: you could see that either

  • as an opportunity for some puzzling/brain work to do
  • or alternatively as the sudden availability of more eraser corners so that you can do more precise erasing.
Morrisons Pick and Mix Puzzle Erasers
Both versions, here on a WH Smith Squared Exercise Book.


Price and exchange rates: October 2013

The pencil in the pictures is Staedtler’s 1810.

The paper squared paper in the pictures is from WH Smith’s Squared Exercise Book (5mm squares, 48 pages, 165mm x 203mm)