Erasers, pencils and 3D pens

I just found out that Erasers are ‘an instrument of the devil and should be banned’. That came as a surprise.

Not only did erasers turn out to be evil, apparently you can summon demons with pencils.

Come on, what’s going on with British newspapers this morning‽ No need to sell stories in such a sensationalistic way.


Since we’re talking about surprising things anyway: I was also surprised to find out that 3D pens are very cheap now. You can now get one for under £30 / under $45. I think they started out costing more than three times that. Of course the more expensive ones might be better, but I wouldn’t know – I haven’t tried any.

6 thoughts on “Erasers, pencils and 3D pens”

  1. If both the eraser and the pencil are infernal stuff, what about an eraser-tipped pencil? Does the use of it immediately lead to hell? And what if I make a spelling mistake during the trip? Am I allowed to correct it? At least it can’t get worse.

  2. Well number two was in the Express and the featured articles across the top were: sex, sex, sex, benefits and – -oh – ebola.

    Anyway calling the devil only works with Bic Cristals – everyone knows that. You must have Cristals to do magic.

  3. Aah, education. If we follow this professor’s logic, we would need to ban the Delete key as well, wouldn’t we?

    I’m pretty sure that when I was a kid, I never thought of an eraser as anything but a handy way to fix things. Make a mistake? You can fix it. No shame involved.

  4. Thank you for your comments.

    Gunther, hehe, that’s a funny idea – combining them might make things even worse…

    Sapphire, maybe stationery is the new hot topic for the yellow press 8^) ..and I think no one doubts the evilness of the ballpoint pen.

    Michael, you mean the key that shall not be named? ;^P

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