The Beano

If you’re not in the UK (or Ireland, Australia or New Zealand) you probably haven’t heard of The Beano, a weekly comic magazine that has been published since 1938.

There’s always a joke hidden under the Ts&Cs on the last page. I want to share this week’s[1]Beano No. 4130 joke with you because of its pencil link.


1 Beano No. 4130

4 thoughts on “The Beano”

  1. Turns out the joke is on the very last line.

    A nice one, 288 is definitely 2 gross (12 dozen).

  2. i just saw Michael Portillo visiting the Beano editorial office in his TV show Great British Railway Journeys last week, the comic artist drew a cartoon version of him and put him in a page.

  3. Oh I think I’ll check iPlayer to see if this episode is still available. Thank you.

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