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When I bought the Chinese New Year pens from BIC I also put a few more items in the basket to get free shipping. One of them was the BIC Silver Set: Seven silver-ish pens and a silver-ish notebook. The official UK price is £16.99 (~$22.70; €20.50). I saw which pens will be included, but didn’t know what to expect in terms of material. Will some of them have a metal body?

In case you wonder: all of the pens are plastic-y, none have a metal body. The 2mm Criterium lead holder would have been amazing with a metal body – a bit like the Caran d’Ache Fixpencil 884. The American made marking pencil is quite interesting. You can use it to mark any(?) surface with nice, opaque silver-grey paint – good to label black plastic or metal.

I really like that the packaging shows where the different pens are from.

Price and exchange rates: March 2022

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5 thoughts on “Silver

  • Koralatov

    The chrome Bic Cristal is something else – it’s got a really 1940s-futuristic vibe to it. It looks like what I imagine Golden Age sci-fi writers pictured pens looking like in the 2020s.

    It’s a shame about the Criterium being plastic. I nearly bought one on Amazon a while back, thinking it would be aluminium like the Fixpencil. It would be a lovely bit of kit if it was. I’m glad I didn’t now.

  • Koralatov

    I also meant to say: I love the origin information on the back too. Bic have a broader global manufacturing presence. I thought they just made things in France, Mexico, and China because those are the only three countries I’d ever seen on their products (and usually in that order of frequency).

  • memm Post author

    I bought it from the official BIC site, but it might not be available in every country. Is it available where you live?