A Venetian pencil collection

Recently, Roberto, a reader of my blog from Venice contacted me. He has been collecting pencils since 1985 and by now owns around 9000 pencils. His collection tells 120 years of history of this wonderful writing instrument.

He showed me an Italian article about his pencil collection which features some impressive and rare pencils – but he is not just collecting pencils, he is also using them for his drawings. His appreciation for this drawing tool is what started his collection in the first place.

He kindly allowed me to show you some of his beautiful drawings. Have a look at them, as well as the first page of the article I mentioned in the picture gallery below.

2 thoughts on “A Venetian pencil collection”

  1. Thank You so much for publishinh this wonderful story on Yr Bleistift.blog.
    warm congralutations to Roberto for Yr amazing Venice drawings .

  2. Those drawings are absolutely incredible – I wish I had a tenth of Roberto’s talent. What a wonderful celebration of the amazing potential contained within such a simple tool.

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