Analog Futures

Yesterday, I was contacted about a new Kickstarter project. My understanding of the essence of this project is that it tries to fine-tune the common fountain pen (and rollerball) design to make a better pen for a ‘broad spectrum of users’.

The Hungarian designer behind this project has worked with Montblanc and Montegrappa which looks like a very promising starting point for this project. Not wanting to fall into stereotypes, but Hungary has a reputation for great inventors, think of the biro, the Rubik’s cube, the gömböc, etc, so all I can say here is ‘no pressure’ ;^)

If you want to find out more you can do so on their Kickstarter page, on their web site or on their blog.

1 thought on “Analog Futures”

  1. The very first moment I saw the pen it reminded me on a lot of chinese pens. The converter looks like one of Jinhao‘s, or if you want to pay a bit more: like a Lamy. And the video could not convince me to spend 90 USD for this pen (+10 for the table set as an Early Bird Set). I do not say it is a scam. Owning a lot of fountain pens I am just curious about reviews.

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