Traces of graphite – Massimo Fecchi update 2020

I have a small update for my 2016 blog post about Massimo Fecchi, the Italian artist who draws comics with the, in my opinion, best proportions, shapes and lines with beautiful variations.

Massimo Fecchi drawing with his Rotring 500
Fecchi with a Rotring 300 (Image © Massimo Fecchi)

When I asked Massimo about his pencils in 2016 he used a Rotring Tikky II for his initial drawings. Recently, he posted a photo of himself drawing for fans at the Comic Con in Wels, Austria. In this photo, he has switched pencils, or rather pencil models, not the pencil brand. When I asked him he told me that he is now usually using a Rotring 500 in either 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm. He described it as being lighter and more precise than the Tikky II.

Rotring 500 on a Fecchi drawing
Not quite fake news, but this is my Rotring on Massimo’s drawing – not his Rotring

I find it astonishing that even though most of us amateurs associate heavier pens, including mechanical pencils, with a more luxurious pen or better quality, while the professionals, in this case, Massimo, who use pencils as tools to get work done value lightness, probably to stop them from getting some sort of finger fatigue.

Massimo Fecchi's Comic Con Austria sign
Comic Con Wels (Image © Massimo Fecchi)

I believe that the use of this Massimo Fecchi’s photos falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

5 thoughts on “Traces of graphite – Massimo Fecchi update 2020”

  1. Really lovely artwork!
    I also like the Rotring 500 a lot, it is very comfortable in hand, the weight is concentrated at the tip of the pencil having the barrel made out of plastic. Plus is a fraction of the 600 price.
    I am curious if he also uses Rotring for inking the pencil drawings?

  2. Hello Rares, when I asked a few years ago he said that before inking with a brush he does the fine details with the Staedtler pigment liner (005, 01, 02). He then inks with Winsor & Newton brushes (#2 – #7).


    Beautiful photo of the Rotring 500 – 05 with which I am more and more satisfied. It keeps me company from morning … to evening!
    Massimo Fecchi

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